At Water Works, we have served the Michiana area with professional clean water services and plumbing services for years. Over that time we have developed a positive reputation throughout the community for fair prices, quality services, and taking care of our customers.
We are dedicated to assuring that your family stays safe through our Water Cleaning systems and that you are stress-free as we perform expert plumbing services.
We are proud of the work that we provide and are passionate about maintaining a high standard throughout the Michiana community. From simple Water Filters to complex Plumbing Installations, we take each job as seriously as the last, promising our customers that they are the most important part of our work.

No matter the job, no matter the size, we at Water Works are proud to serve you.

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Water Works does things differently.
We are a small, local company that focuses on you​​​​​.

We focus on each and every one of our customers' needs no matter how big or small they may be.

We understand that choosing the right Water or Plumbing company can be a tough decision as some projects can seem difficult and complex.
However, we are prepared to deal with anything that comes our way.
We are professionally trained and have exceptional experience in all things Water and Plumbing, making us Michiana's first choice, every time.



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At Water Works, we focus on keeping the water that you and your loved ones take in clean and safe from chemicals and nasty particles that can easily make any human sick. More so, with Water Works products and services, your home is secure from leaks, clogs, floods and harmful water issues that can cause you to be sick and/or cost you big money later. 

Our professional Water experts and Plumbers offer FREE CONSULTATIONS so that we can thoroughly examine exactly what issues your water system or plumbing system may have. From harsh and dirty water to leaking and broken pipes, we will find the solution for you.

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Our team consists of experienced, professionally trained water and plumbing experts. That ensures you that regardless of any water or plumbing issues with your home, we can fix them... in the most effective and timely way possible. We believe that we are only as strong as our team, and that's exactly why our team consists of the very best in the industry!


• We are respectful, knowledgeable and professional.

• We care for your property and for your time.

• We know what it takes to get the job done the first time around.


Our skill set is vast and our knowledge is wide, making us Michiana's preferred Water and Plumbing experts. 

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Regardless of what your plumbing or water needs may be, Water Works is always happy to provide you with free quotes.
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